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Published: 09th July 2009
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The spine or the human energy field contains Chakra, or energy centers, that vibrate at different frequencies. Each Chakra presents us with the opportunity to establish a root relationship and to satisfy the deep soul desire. Each frequency holds the gift of a certain power, which enhances our human experience on Planet Earth. As we tune into this power along with specific MANTRAS for each CHAKRAS, we are internally empowered to deal with the specific life challenges of that energy center or Chakra. There are seven Chakra in the human spine each for different body function. As a consequence we live a long meaningful and fulfilling life. We can also heal our self through meditation and chanting of the specific MANTRA with awakening of each CHAKRA. Mantras are powerful sounds and when chanted with devotion produce enormous effects. Mantras are well-off in their meanings and their meaning can be meditated while chanting. As the mind concentrates more and more on Mantras and their meaning along with Chakras, they condition the mind and take up to the higher state and form the path to salvation - the eternal bliss. Read on to know about the significance of specific Mantras...


Chanting of Mantra is a concept of the Vedic Saints that includes Mantras as one of the main forms of worship, whose end is seen as salvation. Basically, Mantra Jaap means repeating the Mantra. Mantra Jaap involves repetition of Mantra again and again, usually 108 times completes one cycle. Due to this, the Rosary (Mala) used for Mantra Jaap has 108 beads in it.

Practical Aids for Jaap:-

#Take a bath or wash your hands, feet, face and mouth before sitting for Jaap in the morning.

#Sit facing east or north during the practice. This enhances the effectiveness of the Jaap.

#Sit on a rug to conserve body-electricity.

#Sit in a separate meditation room or in any suitable place, such as a temple, on a river bank or under a Banyan or Peepal tree.

#Maintain a steady pose. You can sit in Padmasana, Siddhasana or Sukhasana. Resolve to complete a certain minimum number of Malas before leaving your seat. Select any Mantra and repeat it from 108 to 1,080 times daily (one to ten Malas).

#Use a Rosary of 108 beads. Do not allow the Rosary to hang below the navel. The Rosary (Mala) must not be visible to you or to others, so cover it properly. Use the middle finger and the thumb of the right hand to roll the beads. The use of the index finger is not allowed. Do not cross the Meru (main bead) while rolling the beads.

#Do Mental Jaap for sometime without a Rosary or Mala. When the mind wanders, do the Jaap aloud, or whisper the Mantra for some time and come back to mental Jaap again as soon as possible.

#Do not chant Mantra in haste. Do it slowly with feeling, concentration of mind and devotion.
# If Mantras are chanted mechanically, it is of no use except waste of time. Total devotion and surrender to the deity to whom the Mantra is supposed to be appropriate is a must. Your faith in the Lord has to be total. Then only you will be able to reach the goal and be benefited by the blessings of God.

# Mantras are more powerful if uttered with utmost devotion, dedication and in totality. In fact for a common man, a Mantra is an occult formula to remove various worries and troubles. It is a tool to get one's desires fulfilled through positive vibrations.


Try to associate the chant with the rhythm of the breath and mediate in the form of your Deity. Keep a picture or idol of the Deity in front of you. Think of the meaning of the Mantra while repeating it.

Muladhara(Root Chakra)

Connects Body and Earth

The Muladhara, First or Root Chakra, is located at the base of the Spine, at the Perineum. It is the Lotus with four petals. The name means support, or foundation. The Kundalini lays here coiled up three and a half time. The Kundalini shines in the Muladhara like ten million suns shining at one time. Dakini Shakti lives here.

Presiding Deity - BRAHMA.

Related with - The Large Intestine in the body, Feet and Legs, with the element earth, and with the colors red and maroon.

Primal Relationship - With Physical reality, the Earth, Natural forces, Body, Feeling & Sensations.

Best for Healing of - LARGE INTESTINE problems, DIGESTION problems & RECTUM problems (PILES).

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